Resonance’s Take 2 Cafe

So once a week I usually try to get down to a small startup cafe run by Resonance Center for Women in downtown Tulsa. Resonance is where I did my treatment for my cutting and other addictions and they have been an amazing part of my life.

About a year ago, they started a new program where they run a restaurant (which has been WILDLY popular with the downtown business lunch crowd) where they give women a place to work after prison release. This is where the name “Take 2” comes from…basically a second chance at life.

Above the restaurant, they have a very nice loft that I had the pleasure of managing for awhile last summer. This is a sober living environment where the ladies that just got out of prison live when they are not working downstairs at the restaurant. It is very peaceful and nice!

The food at Resonance’s Take 2 Cafe is also absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend the Prime Rib au Jus sandwich – but you have to get there early since it’s a huge seller and they sell out of it very quickly!

All in all, this is an amazing place run by people with amazing hearts. They are changing lives and have a passion for helping women! For more information, check out


WooHoo Girl!

So I did my treatment at Resonance Centre for Women in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Every time I was there, I would see these statues around they called “WooHoo Girls”. They were just a piece of stamped steel that were produced cheaply, but the value wasn’t in what they cost. The value was in what they symbolized.

For the 17 months I spent at Resonance Center for Women, I would always joke with my counsellor who became my best friend. I joked that “if I steal one of these, does it mean that I’m done and can leave?” to which she just replied “Challen, you know what you have to do!”. So I did it. I completed that program with flying colors.

On January 24th, 2017, I received my own personal WooHoo Girl, celebrating a year and a half of sobriety, and MANY hurdles overcome. I’m not the type who sheds tears, but on this night, in this photo, I was fighting back tears big time.


So I get home the other day and find that my mother has setup a “shrine” of sorts. She has backlit the WooHoo girl on a shelf on the wall. So she constantly has an inner light shining even in the darkest of nights.

Thank you Teresa and Resonance Center for Women! You saved my life!

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Getting out of my comfort zone…

So I will soon be baring my soul here and telling the world how I faced an immense uphill battle with addiction and potential prison time of over 10 years. To those who don’t know, I was crucified by the media here in Oklahoma and although all my charges have been dismissed and expunged, there is one thing I can never get away from, is my google search results.

I have forever shamed my name.

So I’m gradually working up the courage to run towards the thing I have been running away from all along. Google. This is hard for me to lay bare all the things I have kept hidden for years.

I completed the Tulsa County Drug Court program in record time (17 months) with ZERO sanctions or mistakes, and was named Top Honor Graduate for graduation at the end of January 2017. I was the Honor Grad speaker who had the privilege of giving the speech for graduation. Here it is below!

If anyone has contacts in the media that I can reach out to or who would be willing to help get this story out that people CAN change and that Addiction Treatment DOES work, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @challen_miller.



Darkness surrounds me, presses me. Pulls me under.




she grabs my hand, kisses me.

Brings me back to life.

My knees give in.            I stumble,

but she holds me so




The wounds from the past…SLASHING. CARVING. CUTTING like a knife.

But her eyes are like bandaids, her battle wounds remind me that I can survive.


Her lips are ointment. Every time she presses them



heart…a piece is whole again.

The dark ghosts take my hand, then she gives me goosebumps to remind me I’m alive.

She’s my…heavenly peace, my light,

But at the same time, the sweetest, most beautiful




Trump’s Victory using the “Art of War”

In March I explained in-depth how Donald Trump had already won the Presidency by implementing almost every strategy found in ‘The Art of War’ during the Republican Primaries.


Needless to say I was right. Hillary had no plan against Trump. She used the same attacks against Trump that his Republican rivals did: “he’s a bigot, a racist, a blah blah blah.” That didn’t work in the primaries and it didn’t work in the general election. As I stated back in March there is no political strategy to beat Trump. He’s not playing by political rules, that’s the whole point.


I did see two paths to beating him, and neither was about Hillary: The first strategy was Bernie winning the Democratic Primaries. He had the swag, the charisma, the cuddly Grandpa mentality. His appeal was the same as that of Biden: Go-lucky, real, passionate. Unfortunately he was running against the Clinton Machine/DNC and he got churned out like a hunk of beef. The second strategy was Bernie, yes THAT Bernie, again. He should have been the VP even though Hillary leans center way more than progressive. Her inability to negotiate was her undoing. It’s not just about the Bernie voters that refused to vote Hillary, it was about their enthusiasm. Like it or not they were a ground-game unlike anything anyone’s ever seen. The ridiculous amount of donations, the millions of phone calls, the millions of doors knocked. Their passion was most needed against Trump. Yes, Bernie campaigned for Hillary during the general election, but it was no longer the same. Bernie used to be their guy, their champion that could fight against the 1%, for $15 minimum wage, free healthcare, and free tuition. He couldn’t do that while campaigning for Hillary without being on the ballot because everyone knew she didn’t really care about any of that.


So what was Hillary left with? No passion, no drive, no enthusiasm, no Bernie, no Presidency. She was too proud, and that, ladies and gents, is what Trump exposed to perfection. Yes folks, Trump is a master strategist, and he knew Hillary’s weakness was her stoic character. During the campaign you often heard Hillary mention that the Republicans have been attacking her for 30 years and never found anything to hurt her. She wore that as a badge of honor, she thought that made her stronger.


But, as Trump had done in the Republican Primaries, he took the quality his opponents covet most and he turned it on its head. Crooked Hillary. Hillary Rotten Clinton. Drain the Swamp. Lock her up. Much like Picasso’s abstract paintings, Trump’s brush strokes made little sense to most people. Yes, she’s a political power house, yes she’s a stalwart in her convictions. But that also makes her stiff in her beliefs. The world is ever-changing, how can someone maintain their convictions for 30+ years unless they’re crooked and a cheat? How can they maintain power with the elites unless their entire cesspool of a swamp was also polluted? Lock her up. Trump took her stoicism and grounded it into a pulp. His first attack on Hillary during the general election was that “If she wasn’t playing the woman card she wouldn’t even get 5% of the vote.” BOOM, head shot. How did Hillary respond? “If fighting for women’s rights and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal. Me. IN!” This played perfectly into Trump’s hand.


He knew she’d be defiant in being a woman and take that attack personally. He used her soundbites to wedge a gap between men and women voters. The male vote wasn’t 2:1 for Trump because they were misogynists, it was because Hillary’s words excluded their existence.


Remember ‘The Art of War’? It’s all about divide and conquer. When did Hillary ever talk about men’s issues? Never. While Hillary thought she was being stoic in protecting the woman card, Trump was actually playing the man card.


I could go on and on, but truth be told, I’ve written too much as is. There’s plenty to talk about. How Trump had more Hispanic voters than any Republican in history, how Trump had more LGBT voters than any Republican in history (even though his VP is the biggest anti-LGBT in politics), or how Trump ended up with 48% of the woman vote even after those Access Hollywood tapes. Regardless of how you feel about the election, it truly was a masterful performance by Donald Trump. One that will go down in history as not only the most shocking victory, but I would dare say the most expertly perfected victory in US political history.


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Dark Letters 10


We just got home from Boyko’s tonight. He is my footwork and moves coach. He was an Olympian for Bulgaria back in 1988. One of my friends and fellow coaches, Matt, just got back from Cancun with his new wife. They brought Boyko a bottle of expensive tequila. This bottle was like 2 feet tall. So we were doing shots from that while eating potato chips and onion dip. Lagutin was there and Ken and Kathy. Ken was our designated driver. We complained about lots of things. Lazy skaters at the rink. The skating director, Kim, skating parents, shitty ice conditions, rink management.

Then Boyko broke out his Victoria’s Secret catalogs (he has a love for them!) And that led to conversations about porn, and then to how penis size does matter to the woman. Then that led to him lamenting about his recent separation from his wife. Then we went to his garage and he sharpened ice skates while he was drunk. I was pretty tipsy to know. We went back outside with our legs in his pool. I hate the mosquitoes here. They are like birds. You have to hit them two or three times to kill them. Then you itch forever. I bought a tube of Benadryl anti-itch cream. It’s already halfway gone!
-Challen Miller


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Dark Letters 9

I accepted the skating position with the speed team today. Now I have to start recruiting and doing personal training off-ice for two of my special Olympians.

It’s been almost a month since everything happened. The worst day of my life – June 29th, 2008. The day I destroyed Colorado. When I destroyed all those innocent lives.

I made an offer for Heather to skate with me. She’s always been searching for a partner since I left. Now I’m back. If she wants to skate with me for testing purposes only, I will work with her. I made it very clear I have no intentions of competing I should hear back in a few days. It will be more of a coaching position with her though. I will teacher free dance elements and choreograph a free dance for her juvenile and intermediate tests.

-Challen Miller