Resonance’s Take 2 Cafe

So once a week I usually try to get down to a small startup cafe run by Resonance Center for Women in downtown Tulsa. Resonance is where I did my treatment for my cutting and other addictions and they have been an amazing part of my life.

About a year ago, they started a new program where they run a restaurant (which has been WILDLY popular with the downtown business lunch crowd) where they give women a place to work after prison release. This is where the name “Take 2” comes from…basically a second chance at life.

Above the restaurant, they have a very nice loft that I had the pleasure of managing for awhile last summer. This is a sober living environment where the ladies that just got out of prison live when they are not working downstairs at the restaurant. It is very peaceful and nice!

The food at Resonance’s Take 2 Cafe is also absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend the Prime Rib au Jus sandwich – but you have to get there early since it’s a huge seller and they sell out of it very quickly!

All in all, this is an amazing place run by people with amazing hearts. They are changing lives and have a passion for helping women! For more information, check out


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