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Getting out of my comfort zone…

So I will soon be baring my soul here and telling the world how I faced an immense uphill battle with addiction and potential prison time of over 10 years. To those who don’t know, I was crucified by the media here in Oklahoma and although all my charges have been dismissed and expunged, there is one thing I can never get away from, is my google search results.

I have forever shamed my name.

So I’m gradually working up the courage to run towards the thing I have been running away from all along. Google. This is hard for me to lay bare all the things I have kept hidden for years.

I completed the Tulsa County Drug Court program in record time (17 months) with ZERO sanctions or mistakes, and was named Top Honor Graduate for graduation at the end of January 2017. I was the Honor Grad speaker who had the privilege of giving the speech for graduation. Here it is below!

If anyone has contacts in the media that I can reach out to or who would be willing to help get this story out that people CAN change and that Addiction Treatment DOES work, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @challen_miller.


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