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Dark Letters 10


We just got home from Boyko’s tonight. He is my footwork and moves coach. He was an Olympian for Bulgaria back in 1988. One of my friends and fellow coaches, Matt, just got back from Cancun with his new wife. They brought Boyko a bottle of expensive tequila. This bottle was like 2 feet tall. So we were doing shots from that while eating potato chips and onion dip. Lagutin was there and Ken and Kathy. Ken was our designated driver. We complained about lots of things. Lazy skaters at the rink. The skating director, Kim, skating parents, shitty ice conditions, rink management.

Then Boyko broke out his Victoria’s Secret catalogs (he has a love for them!) And that led to conversations about porn, and then to how penis size does matter to the woman. Then that led to him lamenting about his recent separation from his wife. Then we went to his garage and he sharpened ice skates while he was drunk. I was pretty tipsy to know. We went back outside with our legs in his pool. I hate the mosquitoes here. They are like birds. You have to hit them two or three times to kill them. Then you itch forever. I bought a tube of Benadryl anti-itch cream. It’s already halfway gone!
-Challen Miller



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