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Dark Letters 7


Lagutin called me and told me I need to come to Oklahoma City and stay with him overnight in order to go to his church in the morning. Kathy and I drove down Saturday and sat at his table while he lectured me. He said “remember to be good to the people you pass on the way to the top, because you will pass the same people on your way back down”.



He feels I betrayed him by moving to Colorado instead of staying and training under his guidance. He has always wanted me to skate with Heather but he’s never expressed that. Like I was supposed to read his mind. When I moved to Colorado, Heather was pre-preliminary level and I was pre-silver level on dances. I wanted coaches who would show up to lessons and train me hard since I, by nature, am a lazy skater. A majority of the time, he would not show up to my lessons or call. The other part of the time, he would yell at me and lecture me whenever accomplished anything because we were like brother. Traveling all over the country together also. He took me for granted. Now he says I betrayed him…



The next morning, we went to his church and the pastor delivered a message meant specifically for me it’s a small church, maybe 20 to 30 people. He stood in front of me most of the time and spoke directly at me and made direct eye contact. I was in tears the whole time. He talked about the trials and tribulations of Jesus’ disciples and the things they had to endure for their faith. It made my situation feels so much less intimidating.


-Challen Miller


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