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Dark Letters 4


Thank God today is a holiday and the rink is closed. Kathy won’t try to drag me skating. She says skating will be like therapy for me. Ironic how skating is a major part of why I feel like I do right now. All of the lies I created so I could skate with a partner.



I got a call from Burt, the speedskating director at the ice rink. He heard I’m moving back and asked me to be the coach for the two teams here-the Special Olympics team and the Tulsa speedskating. I told him I would think about it but just need time to recover.

We went over to Matt and Jesse’s with Ken also. We all sat around, all the coaches and high-level skaters over age 21 and drink vodka and lemonade shots. I hate vodka, but it makes me forget the pain. The lemonade burns my throat. Tiffany was there, the first girl I dated when I moved to Tulsa. She’s cute and has a great personality. She’s married now though, it was good to see her. We still talk occasionally. New line I’m still accepted here as an insider, a coach and good friend. We all go over to Boyko’s about once a week and drink with him and complain about things at the rink. It’s fun and relaxing.

-Challen Miller


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