Thoughts, Writings

8/24/15 Journal

Today we have the Jamaican Nazi. We started the morning with our usual shower together, but lunch showed up before I could finish her off. Normally we would just continue, but the Nazi locks us down before serving, so we had to abort. Country is already trying to pin the blame on me for lunch showing up and being unable to finish. I won’t take it today and will simply walk away. I find myself, on days like today, waiting for an opportunity for the fight to start. Almost looking forward to it. Why? Do I view this as a trap I know she will short-sightedly walk into and regret it later? Probably. She never thinks of the consequences to her actions until it is way too late. Then she always denies anything is ever her fault. Guess once again, “it’s Challen Miller fault”. smh. Anyways. I guess we will see what happens after lunch lockdown lifts.

-Challen Miller


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