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8/21/15 Journal

Today was a hell of a day. Fights all day long. Country came to my room early and we cuddled, then her bunkee was jiggering for us so I offered her a hot chocolate (50 cents value) and country FLIPPED out on me-saying I shouldn’t of given her MY hot chocolate for watching OUR backs so WE couldn’t get caught and broken up and move. But apparently my forward thinking was “wrong” and we got into a big fight over a $.50 hot chocolate. Then she did the typical thing when I said let’s move on, she wanted to instantly flip moods and somehow “cuddle and fuck”, which I can’t flip that quickly. I told her that(as I have countless times) and she hit me with the “so you’re rejecting me?” Guilt trip. Challen Miller doesn’t do “guilt trips”.


That caused another fight when I got mad she twisted my words, then would always make things MY fault. I called her out on that, (and of course I was “wrong”), then she cried and bawled when she realized the consequences of her actions(which always happens to be too late). Begged me not to leave her, then threatened suicide if I did leave her. Later that night, Lark was watching and threatening to call a Code Blue if she saw anybody horse playing. I was standing in the middle of the floor(in view of lark) when country later decided to try to tackle me. Lark yelled at her and threatened to call a code. Of course, country made THAT “my fault” to since I was standing in line of sight of the D.O. when she chose to play. I was done and mad for the night.

-Challen Miller


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