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8/20/15 Journal

Amanda finally left this morning. Now I have country all to myself. Challen miller and Country! We danced in public, took a nice long shower together, then hung out all day. It was so nice not having drama from “Mandy”/Amanda to deal with. We finally got off Locke so that was really good. Just ate some noodles and now reading while waiting for my visit. We have Schmidt tonight – one of our “missing”monopoly pieces. A few weeks ago, we listed off all the DO’s we have on duty and crossed off the ones we have pulled shenanigans on their shift-out of 11 total, we have bagged seven. Just waiting for 4 more of the “Boardwalks” to have duty in here and we’ll have pulled shenanigans on every single D.O. working here.

-Challen Miller


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