Thoughts, Writings

8/19/15 Journal

Got called out at 5:45 AM for court. “CHALLEN MILLER, YOU’VE GOT COURT!” I wasn’t supposed to have court today, so I figured we had had found a bed for me. Then I realized if they did, I would have to come back to the pod (which was still on day number two of the two-day lockdown) and break Country’s heart via sign language (not even being able to do it face-to-face) and tell her I would be leaving tomorrow. It brought tears to my eyes facing the reality of having to move on and I realize that I had fallen for her hard. Luckily I was passed to Friday, so I didn’t have to break her heart yet. Dinner came early, so since I didn’t sleep last night, I slept from 5 PM until 9 AM the next day.

-Challen Miller


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