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8/18/15 Journal

I woke up to yelling and fighting at 5 AM, then a 48 hour hard lock with no visits, no canteen. Evidently a riot was trying to start during breakfast. My Marine friend J was evidently in the middle of all the fight trying to break it up and stop seven people from a big riot. Got lots of writing done today in several poems. Sat in the window and signed country for hours. She says Amanda is claiming “split personality”and it was “Mandy” that was screwing with us and threatening me the past two days.


I called bullshit on the split personality attempt at damage control and her not wanting to take responsibility for her actions. I told country she needed to choose her “friend” who she kept letting flirt with her and who was leaving in a day or so and was young and immature, or me, the one she fell hard for. I knew she would choose me and she did. Tried to sleep but I couldn’t. Woke up at 3 AM and looked over to country’s room and she was having a seizure. I knew I woke up for a reason. I still couldn’t sleep so I stayed up watching over country in case she had another seizure. At 5:45 AM, I was called out for court.

-Challen Miller


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