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8/17/15 Journal

So today was very interesting day for Challen Miller! Amanda got back from court expecting to go home, so her true colors started showing through. She sat beside country at our table, bit her on the arm (which is country and MY “thing”), then kept flirting with her, then gave her a hug at 3:30 PM lockdown and bit her on the neck, marking her. I was already mad at country for letting it go on anyways and the teeth marks were extremely obvious. She had “marked” my girl. As a direct provocation. Since she was going home, she knew she could fight and get away with it, whereas I couldn’t fight back since that would get me moved off the pod and break us up. So after dinner log, she kept trying to provoke me. Country explained that Amanda was “in love” with her and that’s why she was jealous of me. I explained to country that she had almost a month in F-18 before I got moved here and could have made her move then, but didn’t, so now Amanda was sitting at the table alone listening to music and I wanted to go up to her and tell her a piece of my mind, so I walked up, pulled the left earbud out of her ear so she could hear me, and before I got a word out, she stood up and swung at me, which I dodged. Country jumped in between us and didn’t want me to continue the fight for fear of total annihilation or me getting moved. Apparently removing someone’s earbud is considered an act of war.


After lock, I flat out told country she needed to choose me or her “friend” who was trying to break us up. That really put her into focus. She ended the friendships and she wasn’t a true friend and we stayed together.

-Challen Miller


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