Thoughts, Writings

8/16/15 Journal

I finally got my scratched contact lens back in and not even an hour after I was at our table with country and Amanda, Amanda flicked sugary Kool-Aid into my bad, black eye. When I got pissed at her since she didn’t apologize and only laughed at me, I walked away so I wouldn’t deck her. When country followed me to check on me, she called out to country “yeah, follow her like a good little bitch”. That hissed me off even more. So I, Challen Miller, spent the rest of the evening away from her and country. It was Amanda’s last day, and as predicted before, on people’s last days, they always screw over the people they falsely called “friends”. So I let country and her “friend” hang out all night while I went to my very dark place while locked in my room. Black eye is looking its worst today from the court holding incident. My muscles on my back above my kidneys are killing me to from the punch delivered.

-Challen Miller


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