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8/15/15 Journal

I started the day with the usual shower together. Looked in the mirror and I still have the gash in my eyebrow and now my eye is blacked a little bit. Oh well, it was worth it. Right as lunch came, my visit came. She somehow ALWAYS manages to show up, exactly as our lunch or dinner comes. The one day I made noodles early at 3:30 PM, so I could visit her at 430-the usual time she shows up (just in time for dinner trays at 4:45 PM usually), the one time I cooked noodles so I don’t miss a meal, she shows up at the exact second they are ready to eat. At 3:38 PM. This “coincidence” stuff is getting really hard to believe. If it happened once or twice, that’s a coincidence, but the past five times is what we call a “pattern”. Then in visit, I asked about my grandfather’s, and my childhood guns and she told me the storage unit place stole those also, along with a lot of my other belongings. I left the visit livid.

-Challen Miller


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