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8/14/15 Journal

Got woken up early again for no other reason then to once again get dragged to court on the new charges. That’s twice this week and it’s getting old. Fast. No more black box. Went to court and essentially got past for three more weeks. Then afterwords, was in a tiny holding cell with some girl from another pod. She kept talking crap and eventually things got heated between us. She swung at me and I dodged it then caught her up against the wall by an arm to her throat and punched her in the ribs. I was originally aiming for a broken rib so it wouldn’t leave a bruise, but she would be in excruciating pain every breaths she took. I got the punch in but she started swinging arms wildly, like fighting a damn octopus. She snagged me in the eye with an elbow and I ended up with a gash on my forehead that bled until almost 10 PM. Got back to the pod and country was concerned about it and I explained they were talking shit about us from where country have written on the court holding walls. She was glad I stood up for her in her absence. Today is our one-month anniversary of being together – Challen Miller and Sarah!

-Challen Miller


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