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8/12/15 Journal

Was woken up again at the asscrack of dawn and told I had court again today. I was livid since my next court date isn’t for four months from now. I was black boxed and shackled separately from the others (black box is normally reserved for violent inmates) and sat in court holding in the cell Country usually sits in alone when she goes to court. I saw all over the walls where she had tagged our names on the walls “Country loves Challen Miller” and “Sarah loves Challen”. I was leaning back in the chair and soon tumped myself over while being shackled-thus hitting my head. After being transported to court, I was brought into the court room on special closed session and met with my counselor for inpatient treatment and did a lot more paperwork, then talked to her for a while about procedures and timing on how certain events would unfold. Then we went back to court holding, and then back to jail. I got back in country was depressed since I was gone unexpectedly. I’m worried how she will cope with me being gone. She has fallen so hard, and I’m concerned for her safety once I leave. She cheered up quickly once I returned.

-Challen Miller


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