Thoughts, Writings

8/11/15 Journal

Woke up this morning to cops banging and kicking down my door for a shakedown. Luckily they didn’t get much-just my red “commie” towel and the two brand new pairs of panties I exploited from the laundry worker who has a bad crush on me. We had Beech again today, so country and I got to shower together-which turned into more. Then after lunch I got my hair trimmed by my Mexican bunkee and the clippers bit the hell out of my neck, which looks like a hickey apparently. After showering the itchy hair off, we went to country’s room and cuddled, which turned into shenanigans again. It’s damn hard to keep up with this girl! Afterwards, we traded our “Hey You” poems we wrote about each other (positive affirmation things) and made each other cry. Right now has been a peaceful and perfect day so far in here!

-Challen Miller


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