Thoughts, Writings

8/10/15 Journal

Woke up to a lonely morning and Ms. B running the pod, she’s a Nazi who doesn’t let anything get past her. Getting her a break is Miss C. – the only single DO I have seen do tactically safe and proper pat downs, unlike all other D.O.’s. C. works in the men’s SHU/Seg pods and is used to handling the most violent men in the jail. She also looks exactly like Brittany, it’s scary how close they look alike. I need to catch country in post–court mood and debrief her more on her side. Get a summarized review of everything and get it written down. Instead she got back from court right after lunch and since Beech was working-she never does security walks, so we were able to adjourn to her room and take care of things extremely well. It was amazing. Afterwards we played chess and she won, my mind was nowhere near at chess-level to play. Listened to music and danced a bit while waiting for lockdown.

-Challen Miller


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