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8/9/15 Journal

I didn’t get to sleep much since the crazy girl who looks African and something like off a Feed the Children / National Geographic commercial stood outside my room for an hour at 6 AM screaming and yelling for no reason. Apparently she was being forced to shower we later found out. So I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and also have to deal with Country’s crap from last night blowing over to today. She was on her period and hurting, and wanted me to shower (foolishly) with her, but there were two officers on the pod and doing cell shakedowns, but she still irrationally thought we could get away with showering together. Then she wanted to “seduce” me and I wasn’t in the mood, so she flipped out about that over lunch, and I was frustrated even more. So I confronted FTC(“Feed the Children”) about her yelling outside my room all morning when the whole pod was trying to sleep. She popped something off and walked away.


After talking country back from her ledge, and discussing the “little” things about our crimes, such as after her murder she was accused of, she went to QuikTrip to get a melon-berry slushie, just like after the first time I pulled the trigger on somebody, I was cooking a chicken pot pie immediately afterwards with no remorse.


I looked up at cell KK, where FTC was standing right in her doorway eating her tray of food, she flipped us off, and that sent me over the deep end. Country and I walked by her room and slammed the hell out of her door, slamming (and locking) it in her face. FTC through her tray of food at the window as we walked away. The D.O. heard her banging on the door to get out and let her out, she raced across the pond and ran up on country and I buy the water fountain. She started raging and screaming at us, and the D.O. locked HER down. Epic win for Country and Challen Miller!


Country has court tomorrow, so it will be lonely here and she will be all screwed up when she gets back. I’m sure I will get a lot of writing done though in her absence. We spent the evening together playing chess-that always occupies her mind and passes the time. I let her win five times in a row. On the surface, she thinks she’s winning because she is good, but I study her learning curve and tactics, that way I know and can predict how she will move and react every time if I ever want to win. Counter-intelligence!

-Challen Miller


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