A name…

(written to me by a significant other)

Challen Miller is a name I’ve never heard before. I’ve never met anyone like her either. She has completely blown me out of the water. Turned my world around and taken my heart and shown me what true love is supposed to feel like. It’s supposed to feel like a bicycle ride. The wind flowing through your hair and you feel that sense of freedom. Yes, there are bumps on the road and you might fall off, but you get back on and continue on the journey.

I truly believe Challen is my destiny, my fate, my freedom, my ONE. She gives me butterflies and that has not changed. She can still make me blush which is hard for anyone to do in the first place. When I’m next to her, I am whole. When I look in her eyes, I see my own soul. When I kiss her, I see fireworks. Not the cheap kind, the ones that a huge and colorful and cost $30 a pop!.

She’s beautiful and makes me feel beautiful. I am the only person she has eyes for and she is the only one I have eyes for also. She can put me from 0 to 100 in a second. Either make me mad, turn me on, calm me down, whatever! When I want to rip the world to pieces and I see her, I can’t help but start smiling. All she does is give me THAT look. DAMNIT! She is spectacular, smart, funny, sexy, nerdy and brilliant. How come she is the only thing I think about?! I wake up and wonder if she’s awake and automatically look out my window like a fucking stalker. When I goto sleep, I think in my brain “I’ll see her soon” and a sense of safety comes over me like a blanket and comforts me and lets me sleep like a rock. I’ll never stop falling. I love her.



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