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8/8/15 Journal

It was a mostly uneventful day until about 2 PM, when country came up to me and asked me exactly why I was moved into the F-18 pod a month ago. I told her about the assault and the stealing roommate. She mentioned that while I was in visit with my mom, she had the D.O. look at my charges under Challen Miller and didn’t see an assault charge on there. That triggered her brain into thinking that since she was a very high profile case, that I could have been a “plant” or a “spy or something, sent to get info about her case in order to save my ass. She said “you made me fall in love with you, and it… It could happen!” So I reminded her that SHE was the one who approached me and escalated every single step (first note, first song sang to me in serenade, first kiss, first shower together, first sex, etc.) And also the fact that I had never once asked about her case details since I didn’t need to know them. I said that I was hurt that she would think I was a mole and she apologized.


She later got upset that I was signing Jay, the other Marine from across the room and asked details about court. I snapped a bit and told her I was a free person with freedom of speech and that I will talk to whomever I please. I do that harshly to point out the controlling behaviors. That sent her into a “please don’t leave me” tailspin(again) and I pointed out that if she keeps pushing me away with these outbursts, eventually I will get the message and stay away. And she applied another controlling psychological device on me-crying uncontrollably and saying she couldn’t live without me and would commit suicide if I ever left. That pissed me off so I went to bed.

-Challen Miller


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