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8/7/15 Journal

Was woken up early by the utter bitch D.O. She is Jamaican and a very bitter Nazi thinks she runs the world. Having my door kicked in at 830 and dumped out of bed for 1030 Catholic mass – the only church service that is held off the pod and with other pods so country and I sign up for it to socialize with our friends from F-22 and F-20. Only problem is, our “friends” haven’t been signing up on Tuesdays, thus haven’t been coming. Catholic mass is a pitch of a price to pay just for socialization even when they DO show up, even worse when they don’t. So we aren’t going anymore. That’s the ast time Challen Miller goes to Mass!


We got back to the pod and it seems he jail has wisely decided to start paying the cable bill again. To prevent riots in the men’s pods I would assume. The female pods just sit around and talk for play games to pass the time. We don’t start shit like the guys do. I finally got this morning two replacement pairs of panties, since the laundry worker “lost” them. Normally, to get clothes replaced, you have to put a request in the kiosk, wait two weeks to have it filled, then finally get your clothes. I found a MUCH faster way – find out who works in facility laundry, befriend her, then have her smuggled back whatever you need. Mission accomplished. It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO!

-Challen Miller


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