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8/6/15 Journal

Woke up today to my mom visiting after country woke me up in bed with kisses. Country liked to say “we’re Spiderman kissin'” (because I was on the top bunk leaning over, and she would normally be standing on the floor. So my head was upside down like Spiderman) in her cute Tennessee accent. We initially were waiting for the DO who we referred to as “Norbit” to hand out razors since she is one of the least observant DO’s here. While country was in my room waking me up, Norbit walked by and didn’t even do her security check properly and notice somebody else in my room that didn’t belong in there. It was great. I got out of visit and lunch trays had just arrived. This was the perfect storm for us. The lazy DO would be occupied with the trays, everyone would be nowhere near the showers (no witnesses or people to snitch), and we already had stuff in place. Country got in the shower and set up the sheet block, and I went in there five minutes later to join. We showered each other and shaved ourselves, then we got down to business and we finished and got into the tail end of the lunch line. Nobody suspected a thing. Yet another success for Challen Miller!


We made composition notebooks last night in poetry class using mod-podge and cut out magazine pictures, so now that the glue has dried, I need to transfer all my poetry over into there and consolidate everything.

-Challen Miller


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