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8/2/15 Journal

We started today with another chess game. Actually, country and Amanda started playing to teach her. I sat and watched-profiling both of their game strategy. I pointed out a mistake country made and she flipped shipped-telling me she hates to be pointed out when she is wrong, *especially* in intellectual games. I just stood up to leave and she grabbed my wrist with force to keep me there. That wrist grab is a HUGE trigger for me and I almost snapped. I told her to release my arm. RELEASE MY ARM. Then she did after the third time in a row ordering her to release me. Normally, that particular trigger would send me, Challen Miller, off the deep end and extremely quickly, but I managed to keep it in-this time. Later, a friend and I sat down and discussed what happened and she pointed out to me that that behavior is a very strong sign of a “controlling relationship” and from that point, hands-on usually leads to abuse.


Besides from a spades tournament being played, the rest of the night was largely uneventful.

-Challen Miller


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