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8/1/15 Journal

Today, I, Challen Miller taught an accused murderer how to play chess! I wanted to see how playing chess against another psychopathic brain would turn out. For her first game ever, she was very good. I wrote down before the game started how she would move her pieces (aggressively, passively, reactively) how she would move in for the checkmate (close quarters, not a distant strike with a “ranged” piece) and she would make quick foolish moves and lose those pieces quickly. (Showing immediate consequences to her actions). All these predictions were based on her psychological profile of her psyche I had built up thus far, and the modus operandi to her accused crime (stabbing someone). Just like her crime, she exhibited the exact same behavior on the chess board.


The thing I love about chess, is that my playing chess with somebody you don’t know, you can psychologically profile them. How they move the pieces tells you how they would approach life-do they give up on their ponds (the people who got them where they are today) first or easily? Do they let their ponds do their bidding? Do they attack from afar using “ranged” pieces (shows meticulous planning, but apprehensiveness)? Can you distract them with a “ruse” play in front of them while you set up a flank ambush/pincer movement to sneak around back while they are distracted? Do they take charge of the board or do they “stick to the walls”? Passive? Aggressive? Methodical? Foolish? Do they question a seemingly “meaningless” move and opponent makes or do they see the intent behind that move?


Playing chess with an intellectual person is like seeing into the brain. I have often described chess as “porn” for intellectuals. It’s a beautiful game full of “what-ifs”, that truly gifted players bring to life and can predict many moves ahead, both on the board and in life.

-Challen Miller


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