Thoughts, Writings

7/28/15 Journal

Woke up today angry still, so I took a shower and she approached and back-talked me with some passive-aggressive words. Anyone who knows me , Challen Miller, knows that if I’m attacked in the morning, I will just snap. No filter, no mercy. So I shut her down fast and stopped talking. We finished about the same time and I could see fire in her eyes I was sure that mutually assured destruction was about to take place and either one or both of us was going to the SHU. But we de-escalated after the shower finally and it was over. We both went and sat at the table to write each other, then she threaded my eyebrows. The DO, Wiles, is overtly threatening me to put up a front. “Don’t be in others rooms”, “don’t be too close and touching”, etc. it finally hit me to read between her lines and it all makes sense now.

-Challen Miller


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