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7/27/15 Journal

Woke up bright and early this morning to a call to a “carpet meeting”. Seems last night we got another celebrity in here. She was on the news for strangling and killing her two young children. Seems some of our people in here are already threatening her with “jailhouse justice” and death threats. The penalty for making such a threat? A 72-hour lockdown. Seems like many people in here would gladly take a 72 for the opportunity to be down a baby killer.


They also warned us that being in others rooms is a”serious”violation that will result in a 72. Guess others, having seen us, as the Power Couple get away with it constantly the past week have tried it and gotten caught. It was ironic to hear that lecture and threat on the one day Country and Challen Miller were being angels and “perfect inmates”! Love the irony!


After dinner tonight, we were on all night facility lockdown, probably because the stupid guys were fighting or the management chose not to schedule enough staff to work. So we suffer. But a single evening lockdown is nothing you spent this much time here. Can do that in the blink of an eye. After an hour, a friend signed in sign language to me that our pod was lockdown because WE were the hot pod. When hot pod happens, they lockdown to let tempers cool. Apparently the baby killer got tagged teamed on threats in the Sgt. locked the pod. Then to top off the night, at 20:30, we saw a goon squad in the sally port with gloves on. A shake team. They shook the hell out of four cells in particular-it was an extremely motivated and aggressive shakedown. That lasted about an hour-they even looked under the washer and dryer, inside the pencil sharpener, inside the door jams of the showers, and in certain known loose ceiling tiles. I don’t know if they found what they were looking for, but they were very thorough. Then country got mad at me that I didn’t write her during the shakedown (because I was watching out and keeping tabs on the four officers at all times to protect certain things such as our notes, and I’m on the top cell so I have eyes in the sky). She started signing extremely fast and furious that she was angry, and I had to sign her to slow down so I can understand the words coming out of her hands, but that just made her more angry, so I said screw it and went to bed angry, which I really hate doing.

-Challen Miller


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