Thoughts, Writings

7/26/15 Journal

Woke up early and went to the table out on the tile to write, and was surprised by her coming up behind me to wish me good morning, so I stopped my writing and just sat there with her being content. After lunch, we still couldn’t get a shower together, so we took care of business in my room instead. I then came down to finish writing while she showered off upstairs to my room. Once out of the shower, we returned to my room upstairs to finish her off. She wanted to be thrown to the ground as she was getting close, so I used a leg sweep and thumped her down to the ground while holding the back of her head. I immediately looked into her eyes and I could see the “what the FUCK just happened?!” Look in them as they finished rolling around and were struggling to focus. For me, seeing the eyes was the best part of the whole MP-style sweep in body slam. Went down on her and finished her off after an hour or so. When we emerged from the room one at a time, the whole damn pod cheered for Challen Miller. That was embarrassing!

-Challen Miller


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