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7/24/15 Journal

Today we had to keep things on the down low since rumors of our “sex in the shower, three times”have spread to other ponds, and bounced back to F-18 the other channels. We apparently are known in other pods as the “Power Couple”, which I think is pretty funny, but cool. I like the moniker.Ms. Lark, when serving trays, looked right at me, Challen Miller and country while handing us our trays and said “don’t start none and there won’t be none” (referring to the fact that she better not see overt PDA otherwise we will be forcefully split up and/or moved pods). That was about as blatant a threat as can be made by a DO. She insinuated she”heard about it through the grapevine”when we asked what she meant, we later found out from our “inside ears” that Lark heard a rumor that country and I were planning to go out on the yard and smoke. Such are rumors…

-Challen Miller


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