Two Roses

Where did the time go? Can we please have it back? I feel incomplete and don’t know how to react. Angry tears and punching objects just to feel…trying to feel whole again, trying to be real, crying because the time is slipping from the palms of our clenched fists 0 the firsts that wouldn’t harm each other, but keep holding on despite the risks.

I can’t lose you. I won’t.

I can’t stand to not have you, so don’t leave me here to rot like a fruit going unwanted and untouched. Unloved and flushed down the garbage disposal and down the drain. Every moment without you feels like I’m drenched in the pouring rain – freezing, teeth chattering, hands shaking, looking unflattering as the snot and tears blend in with the muddy puddles and dirty ground.

I was completely left outside begging for death and thats when I found…You, and that equaled “we”.

It’s funny how you too, found me – like two roses trampled on between the cracks on the sidewalk and ended up tangled up and intertwined. Thorny and beautiful and left to shrivel up and die. but we didn’t due, we fed off of each others nutrients and became strong and noticed that in on another fragile petals are where we belong.

I don’t know how to feel about our roots getting split and torn apart, my love. All I know is I pray you remember how much I’ve always loved you when push comes to shove.


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