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7/22/15 Journal

Woken up early and advised by the DO’s about the status of my assault charge against the former bunkee. Seems hospital stays and passing blood gets the attention of people apparently. Asked Country to grab her radio while we were out playing cards and she pulled me into her room and a quickie happens. We compose ourselves and return to the table with the other card players. I give them each a scoop of coffee for them jiggering for us. It’s always nice to have lookouts all over! A few more hours pass and someone in our group comes up and advises me somebody in cell RR is threatening to snitch on country and Challen Miller “in the shower”. Unless we give her a cup of coffee. I told the “advisor” to come up to us and confront us directly about the coffee and her thread. The person threatening us came up as I was sitting in the chair so I asked her what her name was and asked her if she knew my name. She did not. Then I reminded her she also didn’t know who I was, or why I am in F-18, and also didn’t know my charges, but I pointed out the fact that I’m also in a relationship with the pod boss, who is accused of murder one and had been since walking in a week ago, and that I also have the power to put the M1 in her place AND calm down and accused murderer, so with all those facts in mind, would the snitch like to continue threatening Challen Miller and the M1 (AND the Marine who, by default, has my back as well should anything go down), or which she like to ask properly, to which I would have given her a cup of coffee if she had simply asked me in the first place? She tucked tail and left without saying a word.

-Challen Miller


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