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7/18/15 Journal

While she was leading the pod in impromptu dance offs, I noticed Jay, another Marine I’ve been wanting to meet and she has been wanting to meet and network with me as well, out on the yard with the racquetball. So I went out to join Jay in a little racquetball match since it is good PT, and who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned PT? That lasted about 15 minutes and the whole pod was standing on the sidelines watching the two Marines bond and sweat it out against each other, when country came out feeling betrayed that I didn’t come dance with her as she had planned. I’m learning that she is a very emotional creature. She went from happy to angry to livid and started to yell at Jay and Jay puffed up as well. I stood in the middle of the altercation that had the potential to go very bad, very quickly (Marine versus M1) and I was able to bring country down quickly by locking eyes and talking her down calmly. Everyone else was looking at me like I was crazy to get up in a murder suspect’s face while she was livid and about to kill someone else. But I knew how to disarm her and things calmed down. I went to talk with Jay after and confirmed everything was all good with her as well. She replied “Challen Miller, Marines stick together and you stood up for your woman”. And everything was good after that. The rest of the night was uneventful.

-Challen Miller


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