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7/17/15 Journal

Today started with her waking me up in the morning, then she snuck into my bed and we cuddled and kissed for about 30 minutes. No messing around, just being there and holding each other.


Her morning note reads:

“Challen Miller, my beautiful she-tani, right at this moment I need your arms around me. My PTSD is getting to me really bad. Crying and reliving is taking its toll on me. I haven’t been as happy with anyone as I have with you. I’m just down at the moment… Your face and eyes make me feel better, I’m sorry for being so emotional. Nice you picked a woman with issues-big ones at that. It scares me how much I already care about you, please don’t hurt me, okay? My only dream in life is to love and be loved just as much by someone. You knocked on my walls. You’re wonderful Challen Miller and I’m here for you always..”


She is in a gentle and loving mood today. No playful bites on the arm (to which, my day two bite bruises and marks have finally faded!) And she, like me, is in a peaceful and quiet mood. She just finished leading the entire pod in a sing-along to the radio. I love her spontaneity!

-Challen Miller


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