Thoughts, Writings

7/16/15 Journal

I was awakened in my rack by an equally sleepy cute girl. I had caught her before she put on her mask for the day. We shared a few minutes of tender kisses and light touching. She advised me she had a best friend of hers downstairs keeping watch on the officer for us, since we were supposed to be in each other’s cells. A few minutes later the DO came around for her routine security check, yet my cell was on the top floor, so Amanda came up and knocked on my closed door-signaling that the DO was making rounds and she needed to get out before getting caught. Such sweet victory over the system-pulling one over on the guards.


This morning’s note was built on a softer note “Challen Miller, I’m falling hard for you-I don’t know what it is about you, but the way you look at me just makes me blush and smile. You are unlike any person I have ever met. I admire your morals, your passions, everything about you makes me awed.” I was moved by that letter and realize she was falling hard for me, and I for her. Here I was, Challen Miller, having landed the most famous and most desired two girls in David L Moss. Via the female laundry workers that moved among the pods, word traveled fast back to F-22 that Challen Miller and Country were a couple, which I more than certain just off several people in F-22 that didn’t get along with me (namely Summer Stevens, who was Country’s ex, and didn’t get along with me while I was in F-22 anyways!)


That night, we traded stories about who we were deep inside, where we came from and our childhoods. I originally thought I had been in a bad childhood, but Country’s story tossed me headfirst into a deep dark hole, it was extremely dark and sad. She told me all about her childhood and adolescence and what led up to her murder charge, including all the intimate details; I was shocked and gone away. I rode and observed the roller coaster of her emotions as we relived together the deepest and darkest parts of her life. To see her going through all that again was very hard to do. After it was all over, I stood her up, wiped her makeup and tear stained face, helped her to compose herself before we came back inside.


I went to bed at night carrying a huge burden. Here she was, only 21 years old yet the burden of her childhood in the events leading up to her murder one charge broke even myself down to tears hours earlier. After picking her crumpled frame up in the yard and helping her to compose herself, I realized I, Challen Miller was making a true friend.

-Challen Miller


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