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7/15/15 Journal

This morning, I was greeted with a smile from her and a small note. “From the moment you walked in here, I’ve wanted to meet you and think you are very good-looking.” We started trading daily notes every morning at that point. On day number two, we hesitantly started holding hands and talking about ourselves, our backgrounds, and I can since there were something much deeper to this girl whom I was falling for. Time FLEW by while I was in F-18 pod. One moment, we were waking up, then the next, it was 20:30 lockdown for the night.


Shortly after lunch the second day, she was showering and I happened to walk by. She called out “Hey Challen Miller!” And I saw her head peeping over the shower doors. (The shower doors are consisting of two “butterfly”metal doors, somewhat like swinging “saloon”doors). I came over and she reached over the door, grabbed the back of my head and kissed me gently. I had known this was coming, but I had planned on being the aggressor and surprising her first. Oh well. Once again the day spent by. I could tell on the surface, she was into domination and aggressive foreplay, but I was catching glimpses behind her “mask”. Seeing that this was just “Surface Country” – the mask she put on for others. After all-she was the loveliest and most outgoing girl on the pod and friends with everyone. That all changed when I came in and people were thinking “who is this new Challen Miller girl who came in and instantly tamed Country-the already dominant, bisexual pod boss who runs F-18 while being charged with murder?!”

-Challen Miller


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