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7/14/15 Journal

Following the events in F-22, was moved to the F-18 pod. Upon entering, I was told that none of the 48 cells had space for me, and to sit at the tables and wait. At this point, all the cells were locked down post-dinner. So I sent out right in the middle of the entire pod with 96 pairs of eyes on me. I looked at each pair of eyes, assessing the situation. This was, after all, a higher security pod for all of the high profile murder and violent offenders were housed, as well as the “trouble” inmates who caused fights or trouble in the lower security pods. I said to myself “Challen Miller, look where you are now…”


I was looking for my girlfriend F-22, Kendra, who I also knew to be in F-18 as I had seen her just hours before in court and court holding as we cuddled and held each other. I also knew another friend from F-22 was in here as well, Gamble. I promptly located her in D-sell, whereas Kenny had already been relocated from KK-cell to F-20 only minutes before I arrived in F-18. I was left out. After 30 more minutes out in the middle of the pod floor, Locke was lifted and everyone came out to play. I reunited with Gamble and we set down to play Rummy.


Throughout my stay since May 12 at David L Moss, I had kept hearing of someone named “Country”. In F-22, I heard stories that she was charged with stabbing a chomo 13 times with other accomplices, and taking the fall for everyone. I heard stories and saw her name written on the courthouse walls while in court holding. So I was curious, to say the least. Gamble came out and pointed out a young, bespectacled girl on the phones across the room and said “that’s Country”. Then an older lady sitting at our table playing cards told me “Country is very smart and thinks you are cute.”


So at this point, Country came over and sat at the table. Her almond shaped eyes were adorned with hot pink and black eyeliner, and her hair covered her left side of her face, making her Julia Stiles or Olivia Wilde looks appear very sexy and smoldering. The moment she laughed, I was slain and figured “why the hell not? She’s here, I’m here, she is one of the only two M-1 (Murder 1st Degree) cases in the entire jail population of 1800+ inmates, and technically we are already grounded per se.” If we got in trouble in here, there’s nowhere else they could move us. She introduced herself, and said “hi I’m Country”. To which I replied “I know”. And we laughed So I said “Hi, I’m Challen Miller”. So we started chatting and making eyes throughout the Rummy game. Later, shortly before lockdown, we all went out on the yard and she serenaded me with country song “Girl Crush” and I was astonished at her voice. I just had to find out more about this girl with the eyes and infectious laugh. At lockdown that night, I went to sleep wondering just what I had gotten myself into.

-Challen Miller


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