Hey You, Challen

(This poem was written to me by somebody whom I was very close with…)


Hey you, yeah you with the face, the face the when I first glanced was calculating and ready to hurt anyone who got in her way. You who had guts to say “I know” when I introduced myself. You whose eyes sparkle like res in the sunlight when you are happy. You who places one knee to the ground not because you are a “punk” but because you truly have honor. You who I have so many inside jokes with. You whom I trusted with my deepest secret when I’d only known you for three days. You who cried on my shoulder as I cried on yours – then kissed away the tears.

You bloomed like a flower and opened up and showed your true colors. The colors that many haven’t seen in a long time. You who touched me for the first time and gave me goosebumps. You who is loyal to the point where it sometimes fucks you and people wonder why your circle of trust was so damn small. You notice I said “was” because you let not only me, but yourself into that circle. You who people see as serious but whose smirk on those very kissable lips tell me otherwise.

You who still surprises me with the little things like your red painted toes, you having your eyeliner tatted on and the cookies and cream Hershey’s bar that melted me just as much as that delicious chocolate. You who is human too and makes mistakes. YES…you make mistakes but you also learn from those mistakes and flourish. You who cries behind closed doors and eats chicken pot pies. You who makes my legs shake. You who has let yourself smile in these fucked up circumstances while you have been with me.

You who gives me the first drink and bite. You who sticks to your word and blames yourself for way too much. You with the soft hair that you love played with like a kitten. You who loves to be spoilt but also spoils me. You who finds joy in the little things like playing quarters with connect-four pieces and flipping sporks into cups and looking at my eyes shine when I watch kid shows (DINOSAUR TRAAAINN!). You who is the best kisser I’ve ever known. You who bruises easily.

You who is a puzzle with new pieces that I find everyday and that will never be complete but still shows a beautiful picture. You who needs a haircut. You who many can’t see under the surface and if they did, they would be scared….no frankly terrified they would judge you for your fetishes, your past, your dreams and the things you’ve done.

You who is dark, yet brings light into everyone’s life. You who believes in revenge and justice. You who can read me like a book. You whom is so smart it’s frightening sometimes. You who is teaching a broken person called “me” how to be loved properly.

You who when wanting your head petted lays it on the table. You who is the only one who can pull off rolled up pant legs and long socks. You who likes to be marked. You who has tamed “Country” and has been tamed also. You who climbs who the walls and can’t focus. You who has the cutest, dorkiest laugh and can’t make loud noises. You who is not a Catholic…ssssh!

You who blows my mind on how much courage and honor you have. You who I look at and call my wife and make future plans with, yet live in the moment and I know that forever really means forever when you say it. You who is my LadyBug. You whose hand is right where mine fits perfectly. You who is not alone and your perfect imperfections make you the most immaculate creature that’s ever roamed my world. You who needs to look out your window so I can say goodnight.

You who won’t leave me but will “see me later”. You who is a secret freak. You who amazes me with the amount of dignity you have. You who dances with me in the middle of the carpet. You who dances in my mind all day and all night. You who is my end and my beginning and is loved more than every word in this notebook can describe.

Hey you, whose face has changed from calculating to caring…I Love You.


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