We have been in training the past month, learning all sorts of extremely interesting things, but finally got a break and took time to fly out west to see my friends and family, to eat at all my old favourite restaurants and skate at my old ice rinks  I used to train at, mainly Sun and Apex. My significant other that I met in training came with me on the flight, then after a few days went out to Glacier National Park to hunt and fish.

My belated birthday gift was the opportunity to drive a 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with only 368 miles on it, thru several canyons in the mountains and also on some (relatively) empty highways and very….INTERESTING speeds, shall we say. It was an amazing experience being able to drive a supercar at speeds [slightly over the speed limit] and feel the performance and power of the exotic machine. Afterwards, I had a cheesy smile on my face for at least 3 hours. Man, that was AMAZING!

IMG_0086Not much to report for work…went thru hell week with only a sore shoulder, and 2 pairs of worn out jogging shoes. Tons of stuff to cram in the brain, but lots of people from the International Community to meet. I met someone in training(referred to above), from the Ukraine, and we’ve been getting pretty close the past few weeks, spending all our time together. In other news, I’m tweaking my russkie izik to add Ukrainian to my list of languages. In September, I get to goto advanced language school to perfect my Polskii and Russian before I’m fully deployed at my initial duty station!

Will write more when I have more free time!



Once in a Lifetime opportunity!


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