First Post...I know it's been awhile!

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a long time getting this blog started, but I apologise!

As those of you closest to me know, I started a new job in the Washington DC area in November, which caters to my very personality. It has been a rigorous and grueling training regimen, but one in which I feel I am fully utilising my skillset and repaying my debt to society.

It’s an interesting thing…the skills they have trained and drilled into us since January. I am really loving this job-being in the nation’s capital, assisting with the most powerful people in the fight against terrorism…I feel this is just my place.

Sure, in the past week I have suffered a forehead laceration, a sprained ankle and strained calf muscle, along with a torn abdominal muscle today, but all in all, it’s been an amazing journey from the backwoods of Oklahoma to the nation’s capital.

I received a letter from President Obama himself today, honouring my father’s death in service of our country.

Since every generation of family on my father’s side has worked for a federal government or nation-state, I am humbled and honoured for this torch to be passed to me, just 2 months after my graduation out of CT Academy. I will always love you Dad…


First Post…I know it’s been awhile!


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